Battle of the lubricants update

May 16, 2018

Day 2

We had a little bit of drizzle. Nothing special to report. The none treated area is allready showing some small rust spots. 

Day 3

Something happened today!

First of, all the untreated parts have started to rust. But what we found very strange is the Breakthrough started to show severe corrosion. Also the Ballistol area has some spots of rust. The rest of the treated areas are withstanding the elements of the typical Belgian weather ;-)

Day 4

No big differences today. 

Day 5

Sunny day today. Froglube, Brunox and Breakfree still going strong. 

Day 6

Some close ups of the different zones.

 The none treated zone






Day 7

We had a lot of rain during the night and this morning. Looks like our Belgian climate has teken its toll on some of the CLP.

Day 8

Not a lot has changed. I think some of the rust stains from the Breakthrough area is covering the top part of the Froglube part. Still, Brunox is doing great.
















































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Battle of the lubricants

May 8, 2018

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